Offshore Wind Farm Infrastructure

OGN’s engineering expertise provides tier 1 contractor support to future offshore wind farm developments. With an existing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) capability, OGN is equipped to undertake wind farm infrastructure activities.

In particular, OGN specialises in offshore collector and convertor substations on an EPC basis. When each inter-array cable from individual offshore turbines needs to be brought to a collector substation with up to 4 collector substations for approximately 1.4GW of generator capacity, the ability to produce these substations in an efficient and cost effective manner is important.

  • Offshore platforms with HVAC/HVDC transformer and collector substations
  • Separate, integrated or bridge-linked offshore accommodation and O&M modules
  • Full EPC scope for topsides and foundations
  • Flexible contract basis
  • Collaboration experience with major suppliers of electrical and other equipment
  • Project management for transportation, installation and connection of the substation

In addition, for distant offshore arrays, HVDC technology is likely to be developed. There will be up to 3 convertor substations for every 1.4GW of generation capacity. OGN Group is ready to be your preferred EPC provider.