Jacketed Foundations for Offshore Wind Farms

As offshore wind farms are deployed in deeper water and the rated output of wind turbine generators exceeds 5MW, well-engineered foundation solutions are paramount to the success of offshore developments.

OGN’s engineering expertise, based upon many years of experience designing lightweight, shallow water jackets for gas production and wellhead platforms, brings to developers of larger offshore wind farms the confidence that an OGN solution will be fit for purpose.

  • Suitable for turbines in excess of 5MW rated capacity
  • Compatible with various tower-to-jacket interfaces
  • Ideal for the water depths between 15m to 80m
  • Scour and subsidence resistant
  • Flexible installation options in terms of methods and vessels used
  • Easy decommissioning

With future wind farm developments in mind, OGN Group is planning enhanced jacket foundation production facilities at its Tyneside yard in order to be able to meet the anticipated demand with the help of mass production.