Offshore Modules

OGN Group undertakes both EPC and fabrication-only contracts for offshore modules with accommodation and process modules generally being our clients’ preferred EPC contracts. We are actively pursuing the advantages of EPC contracts with clients as experience and results have shown these contracts are beneficial to both Client and Contractor. We welcome opportunities to have an open discussion and present the benefits to any potential clients.

OGN also combines the benefits of EPC contracts with a Target Cost commercial proposal to ensure potential savings for both Client and Contractor over the duration of the project. Our management and project personnel undertake contractual improvement initiatives throughout the project duration, applying general and specific in-house expertise to the range of offshore modules in OGN’s portfolio. We encourage participation in these initiatives from Client and major equipment suppliers to achieve cross-fertilisation of technical and commercial improvements. The results can then benefit all the participants and ensure successful project completion.

OGN has specific expertise in specialist process operations for removing high levels of H2S, integrating new modules into existing generating platforms, and encompassing the latest environmental requirements within design and equipment specifications.

  • Accommodation modules from 20- to 250-person single-lift configuration
  • Drilling modules
  • Process Modules
  • Gas gathering modules
  • Power and compression modules
  • Pre-assembled Racks (PARs) and Pre-assembled Units (PAUs) for onshore and offshore facilities

OGN fully utilises its offshore experience in design engineering and always encourages clients to involve their operations personnel in any design reviews. The benefits of this experience, knowledge and client requirements are always incorporated into the final design.