Minimum Facilities Platforms

The Minimum Facility Platforms (MFPs) are an alternative to subsea systems that allow for the incorporation of a platform extension without the need for additional costly subsea solutions. OGN has a generic adaptable basic design that can be adjusted to its clients’ bespoke requirements with minimal cost and programme implications.

MFP contracts are issued for both the jacket and topsides, allowing for total design integration, increased constructability and maximisation of onshore hook-up and commissioning. The MFP equipment manufacturers and subcontractors have long experience of working with OGN, giving OGN the ability to complete the design, construction, installation, hook-up, commissioning and handover within the original plan and in less than 12 months.

  • Jackets and Deck weighing up to 1,000 tonnes
  • Designs that meet UK Safety Case Legislation
  • Minimum offshore hook-up requirements through maximum onshore commissioning
  • Easily modified to suit client-specific operational requirements
  • Suitable for water depths between 15m and 100m

Load-out from OGN’s Tyneside facility of both the jacket and topsides onto a single barge allows for installation and hook-up to be completed in a single operation with a range of available installation vessels. Ongoing in-house developments ensure the design is constantly updated to reflect current analyses, safety requirements and clients’ operational experiences. The initial and continuing objective for MFPs is to maximise standardisation, reduce weight and achieve operational reliability with low maintenance frequencies.