Jacket and Subsea Structures

Innovative design solutions have been in the forefront of our design team’s capability to ensure that unique conditions of each site are fully considered. With our experience and expertise we design the most economical jacket for the site, soil conditions and topside loadings.

We work closely with the installation contractor in the jacket design. Our long-term ventures with installation contractors allow us to produce the best compromises between in-place and installation design requirements.

We encourage joint contract awards for both jackets and topsides with commercial benefits in order that interfaces for operations and installation are efficiently evaluated for the mutual benefit of Client and Contractor thus minimising potential delays and contractual bias. 

  • Conceptual and detailed design
  • Fabrication and installation of new structures
  • Accommodating a range of topsides from 300 tonnes up to 6,000 tonnes
  • Suitable for water depths between 15m to 100m

We have well-established joint ventures with profiled tubular suppliers and subcontractors. This allows for a commonality of approach that produces the right materials in the right place, at the right price and at the right time.

OGN has experience in a complete range of corrosion protection design and operation including traditional anodes but also specialist metal spraying and installation of protection sheathing at the splash zone.