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Working for OGN Group

worker and pipes

OGN Group provides a truly international, multicultural environment where we encourage exchange of ideas and innovation.

Our business activities offer exciting opportunities across a wide range of career paths and every one of our people has a role to play in driving our business forward.

Whatever your professional background and ambitions for your future career, we are confident that you can find the right opportunity at OGN.

With the induction scheme we apply you will quickly sort out your duties and get used to new functions. Still have questions? Don't be shy to ask your new colleagues for assistance.  

For more information on our current vacancies please contact recruitment@ogn-group.com.


OGN Group are aware of fake (“phishing”) emails regarding job advertisements and job offers sent from similar email domains.

These emails have no connection with OGN Group and may be attempts to obtain private information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

OGN Group advises that if you receive an email apparently in OGN Group's name and are in any doubt about the authenticity, you should contact recruitment@ogn-group.com.